Officers/Board of Directors

 Board of Directors:

      • President: Sue Beckon
      • Vice-President: Gordon Fitch
      • Treasurer: Shannon Taylor
      • Secretary: Julie Mallard
      • Immediate Past-President: Megan Gouin
    • Past Presidents Liaison: Dorothy Kollmann

Elected Board Members:

  • Sherri Ide
  • Peggy Mortl
  • Lori Seawright
Our officers and board member for the 2015-16 administrative year (L-R): Lori Seawright (board), Paddy Fitch (board), Karen LaFave (VP), Julie Mallard (Sec), Dorothy Kollmann (Pres-seated), Ronnie Beaudoin (board), Pat Rudden (board), Ronnie Beaudoin (board), Cheryl Thompson (Treas). Not pictured: Estelle Smyth (Past Pres) and Paul Fix (board)