Youth Services

Sub-Committee of Youth Services/Young Children Priority One


To support programs involving  youth 6 through 18 years of age through funding and service hours.


  • Special youth programs in schools and community
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  • Newspapers in Education
  • Bay Cliff Health Camp
  • Programs for children with special needs
  • Summer Camp Programs
  • BUG program (Bringing up Grades)
    • A Kiwanis International Program to build self esteem and a sense of accomplishment by encouraging elementary students to do their best to bring up their grades through a system of awards – these are usually students not able to achieve the A or B Honor Roll
  • YLW (Youth Leadership Workshops for Hi School Sophomores)
    • An opportunity to work with the local school districts in the county to conduct a community leadership workshop for High School Sophomores utilizing community people to interact and to present activities and topics that build and encourage leadership qualities.
    • Suggested Procedure:
      • Committee chair sets date of workshop
      • Confirm facility and food services
      • Contact School Principals re student invitations in Jan. and Aug.
      • Set agenda/schedule for the day
      • Set Program/Presenters
      • Recruit Junior counselors who have made a YLW (Key Club)
      • Arrange for promotional items, T-shirts etc.
      • Arrange for group School pictures which can be sent later
      • Recruit club members for the day if necessary
      • Assign club members to interact with chaperones/counselors
      • Provide Sponsored Clubs literature for visitors
  • Develop new programs/services as needed, using Kiwanis International Literature